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Hi mollymack129 here. This wikia page is about the ins and outs of the popular app Dragonvale. This app can be found at the app store for free for iPad,iPhone,and iPod touch. In this game you are given an island to clear out and raise dragons. You must give them a habitat, feed them and breed them to make hybrid dragons in a breeding cave. I'm here to help you breed rare hybrids, and answer any questions I can. Remember if you have any tips to help improve this page add them. Have fun!

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Hey this is just some more information about Dragonvale. The first dragon you get is probally a plant dragon. As you get more single element dragons you get more possibilities for hybrid. Most peoples goal in the games is to get the super rare Rainbow dragon. If you want to purchase it it costs an impressive 2500 gems. Gems in the game is the currency that costs real money. You can add decorations to your island, buy more islands and much much more. All of this awaits you in the exciting game Dragonvale!

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